Door installation

Professional installation of interior and exterior doors

Installation is carried out by highly qualified specialists with at least 5 years of experience. The brigades are provided with all the necessary tools and all consumables.

Why you should entrust the work to us

Installing doors is a painstaking and responsible job that requires professionalism and outstanding skills. Installation is carried out by highly qualified and highly specialized carpenters, masters of their craft. Each installer of our company has all the necessary electric tools (including a miter saw, a milling cutter, a compressor with an air gun). Work experience is calculated in years, the minimum work experience is from 5 years, on average about 10 years. Installation is carried out within the time agreed with the customer, without delay.

What is the difference between professionals and amateurs?

One indicator of a highly skilled installation is the complete absence of visible fasteners. Usually, teams of lower qualifications or non-specialists drill through the door frame, hammer in anchor bolts and then try to close it with decorative plugs, as a result of such an installation, the appearance deteriorates, and often leads to the destruction of the elements.

In each dwelling, doors create comfort, where they are part of a residential complex. Therefore, it is not recommended to save on the installation of doors. This action should not be called very simple and installation can be entrusted to super professionals.

The installation of interior doors is carried out by workers who undergo a training course and take into account every little thing when working. They know all the nuances of the process very well, they know the secrets of the model, and this is important for proper installation of the door. Trained workers will not make a mistake when installing any doors. If there is a chance to save money when installing doors, it is better not to use it. This will guarantee problems: the door will be deformed, creak, and may lose its overall appearance. And with these problems, even a very good repair will not impress.

Our benefits


Installation is carried out exclusively by professional carpenters with extensive experience and fully electric tools.


Computer distribution of orders allows you to select one of the thirty teams of craftsmen living in your area, without wasting time on traffic jams.


You can pay for installation services in cash, non-cash with VAT and without VAT, by bank card, electronic money.